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Monday and Wednesday

9.00 AM - 9.00 PM

Tuesday and Friday

8.30 AM - 6.30 PM


12.00 PM - 2.00 PM

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Library Users

  • Must display the identity card at all time in the library. Users are not allowed in if they have no identity card.
  • Do not bring unauthorized items such as bags, packages, umbrellas, helmets and sharp objects. Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited. Storage rack of goods is available at the main entrance.
  • D Users are prohibited from talking or making noise in the library. Any form of disturbance or distraction is prohibited.
  • Users are not allowed to alter the layout of furniture in the library. A desk is only for 6 seats only. Close the chair to the table before leaving.
  • Users should place the book that has been used on a trolley that had been prepared. Do not leave materials on the table after use.
  • Library users are required to dress appropriately while in the library. Clothing that is allowed for men are shirt / t-shirt with collar, Malay shirt and shoes (slippers are not allowed). The clothing allowed for women are baju kurung, kebaya, polite and casual wear with shoes or slippers.
  • Mobile phones and pagers, shall be switched off before entering the library. Users who violate this rule may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Do not throw garbage or papers anywhere. Dispose trash into the bins provided.
  • Marking, destroying, stealing or removing books / materials / library equipment is an offence. Action will be taken for all of the above mentioned cases. Reports will be sent to the respective departments to be brought to the Board of Student Discipline.
  • Fines will be imposed for books that are overdue. Warning letter will be sent by the Library if the user still has not returned library materials or fines imposed in the last 2 weeks from the date of return.
  • While exiting the library, users should show all files and books to the library staff / guard on duty at the gate for inspection.
  • Library staff may request users who do not comply with the rules to leave the library.
  • The library reserves the right to amend the service, to withdraw the facilities and to amend any regulations from time to time as necessary. Any announcements will be posted on the bulletin board at the main entrance of the library.