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Monday and Wednesday

9.00 AM - 9.00 PM

Tuesday and Friday

8.30 AM - 6.30 PM


12.00 PM - 2.00 PM

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Discussion Room
This room can accommodate 10 students at a time.

Reading Area
There are three reading areas available i.e. the library reading room, reading room downstairs, which can accommodate 80 users at one time while the ground floor reading area can accommodate 120 people. Reading area for the reference collection and the 'red spots' can accommodate 30 people at one time. There is a collection of magazines, newsletters, journals, reports, industrial training reports and past years' examination question ppapers in this room.

Photocopying Facility
The Library provides 4 self-service photocopy machines. Fee is charged at a rate of 10 cents for each sheet and to be paid to the staff on duty at the service counter. Users can request assistance from counter staff if problems arise during use.

TV Corner
Users can relax by watching ASTRO TV while reading magazines and newspapers that are available daily.

Multi Purpose Room 2
Multi Purpose Room 2 can be used by lecturers and students who require the use of a screen and LCD projector for academic purpose . This room can accommodate 80 users. Users are required to obtain permission in advance, prior to using the Multipurpose Room 2.

Cyber Room
There are 8 units of computers available here for surfing the Internet. Students are required to register at the counter to obtain passes to use the computers. Each student is restricted to one hour of usage (depending on reservations) The use of computers for managing personal email, 'chat' and browsing pornographic websites is strictly prohibited. Users must enter the time in and time out in the register provided. Serious offences in the use of computers that may be penalized (such as suspension of membership) are as follows:

  • Stealing computer equipment or opening the "casing" for the purpose of removing internal components.
  • Sending seditious, subversive messages that could harm national security and threaten the economy.
  • Changing the settings on the computer screen.
  • Installation of programs without official permission.
  • Downloading any type of files that may cause the spread of computer bugs.

Web OPAC Services (On-line Public Access Catalogue)
Three units of computers are provided to enable students to use the OPAC services to locate materials in the library. OPAC is also accessible through the departmental intranet.

Exhibition Corner
New books will be on display for 2 weeks in the "Display Rack" before placement on the shelf for loan.

Newspapers Corner
This corner provides seven daily newspapers such as Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, China Press, Nanyang Siang Pau, New Straits Times, Tamil Nesan, Nanban and The Star.

Locked Lockers
There are lockers available to keep users' valuables, which cannot be brought into the library. A fee of 50 cents will be charged for use of each locker. Stores should be taken before 5.00 pm.

Any questions e-mail to: zainal@adm.puo.edu.my