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9.00 AM - 9.00 PM

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8.30 AM - 6.30 PM


12.00 PM - 2.00 PM

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  • General Collections
    Collections are arranged on open shelves and can be borrowed.
  • Reference Collections
    Reference collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, guidance materials, bibliographies, almanacs, thesaurus, annual reports, and theses contributions of Technical Education Department. Reference collection can only be used in the library.
  • Serial Collections
    The materials in this collection consists of journals and magazines. These materials cannot be taken out from library. Serials of years ago can be found in bound form.
  • Newspaper Collections
    The library provides a number of local daily newspaper titles for public reading. These newspapers are placed at the newspaper corner. Newspapers for the current month are stored in the Working Room.
  • Audio Visual Collections
    Audio Visual Library has a collection of CD-ROM, diskette, video tapes, audio tapes and Multimedia Kit. This collection of media information in the fields of management, general knowledge, computer graphics, religion, science, technology, etc. These materials are stored in the Multimedia Room. This collection can be borrowed by lecturers and support staff for a week while loans to students is 3 days.
  • Industrial Training (LLI) & Examination Reports
    Can be found in the Open Reading Room at the second floor and are sorted by department. This collection can only be referred in the library with special permission from the responsible officer.
  • Library Collections till December 2012
    • Monograph Collection – 48,039 books
    • CD-ROM / DVD – 2,230 unit
    • Digital Past Year Examination Papers - stored in the computer at the Cyber Room